Spousal Maintenance

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Spousal maintenance is also known as alimony.  Determining how much one spouse should pay another spouse after the marriage is difficult at best.  Sometimes the spouses are able to agree on a specific amount of spousal maintenance for a period of time.  Spousal support can be temporary or permanent depending on the facts of the case.  If a court reviews a claim for alimony many factors are considered, including but not limited to, the length of the marriage, assets, debts and income of the person seeking the spousal maintenance and the ability of the other party to pay it.  The court will also consider the education and training of the party requesting maintenance.  Finally, the standard of living during the marriage is considered.

This is an area of law that is not black and white.  Different circumstances lend themselves to different outcomes.  For example, a stay-at-home spouse with a long marriage and lack of education might be a better candidate than a spouse who has an advanced degree, was married for a short-time, and only left the work force briefly to attend to family matters.  The reality is that there is no set calculation.  We will provide guidance to you based upon our experience and knowledge of the law.

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