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Paternity cases involving mothers wishing to establish paternity for their children or fathers asserting their rights to their children. Paternity is the term used to refer to the “legal” father of a child. Under Minnesota law, if a woman is married at the time a child is born, the husband is recognized as the “legal” father. If a child’s mom and dad are not married at the time the child is born, the dad is not recognized as the “legal” father unless certain steps are taken to establish that he is the father. Even if the unmarried dad’s name is on the birth certificate, he does not have legal rights to the child or responsibilities to support the child financially.

Providing The Proper Guidance

When a child’s mother and father are not married, there are essentially two ways for the father to become the “legal” father. The father may become the “legal” father by going through the Recognition of Parentage (ROP) process or by Court Order. It is important for a father to have legal guidance during this process. Ms. Baskfield believes that every parent should have the right to spend quality time with their children. Sometimes, an unmarried father’s right can be interfered with out of spite. Sometimes, a child’s mother has legitimate safety concerns or other reasons for not wanting the child’s father to assert his paternity.

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Paternity may need to be established for two reasons: to prove paternity for a mother wishing to acquire child support or to prove paternity so a father can have rights to his child. Sometimes it is even done to disprove paternity so that a man who is not the father is not responsible for the child. Whatever the reason, Mary Baskfield can help. Let’s resolve this issue together. Call 763-300-6054 for a free consultation.