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Child custody is a very sensitive matter. Baskfield Law Office takes great care when addressing child custody matters. In a child custody case, two types of child custody will be examined. Legal custody deals with the right of the parents to make major decisions affecting a child’s life such as decisions related to education, religion, medical care, and general upbringing. Physical custody deals with where the child or children actually live. Sole legal or physical custody is when one parent is awarded control over all aspects of raising the child or children. Joint legal or physical custody is when both parents are awarded the right to raise the child or children together. In most divorce proceedings involving child custody a parenting time (visitation) plan will be prepared by counsel for the parties. The parenting time plan is essentially an agreement abut how to make decisions and also how much time each party will spend with their child or children. It is best when the parties decide these issues without court intervention. However, that is not always possible.

Vast Resources & Experience

When needed, doctors, psychologists, teachers, and other experts can be consulted with in a custody matter. A Guardian ad Litem may need to be involved. It is important that children are cared for by the parent most able to provide a healthy environment for that child. In some cases, a client may seek sole legal and physical custody due to the other spouses inability to provide proper parenting as a result of addiction or anger issues. Sometimes, clients have been falsely accused of emotional, sexual, and physical abuse. Our law office is aware of the challenges that face parents in child custody cases. You work with an attorney who is able to objectively look at the situation while also giving you the support that you need throughout a highly stressful process.

Ensuring The Child’s Best Interests

Child custody cases involve highly charged emotional issues for both parents. However, what is most important to consider, and which must be considered pursuant to Minnesota law, is the best interests of the child or children involved. Our family law lawyer will help you understand what factors are considered under the “best interests” standard. We will also help you understand what to do and what not to do throughout the process so that you can obtain the best result.

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Custody is a highly sensitive matter. When parents don’t agree on custody, the matter can be difficult on everyone involved. If you are a parent facing divorce where custody will be an issue the Baskfield Law Office can help. Serving Coon Rapids and all of the Twin Cities metro area, Mary Baskfield can help you through the custody process. To learn more, call 763-300-6054 for a free consultation.