Collaborative Divorce

Coon Rapids Family Lawyer

In a collaborative divorce, both parties and their attorneys commit to finding a solution which is in the best interests of all family members. Both parties have access to legal counsel during the process but no court appearances are necessary.

The parties will need to exchange all information concerning income, assets, and debt and if they are unable to reach an agreement on any issue an outside neutral professional can be utilized to assist with resolution.

An Affordable And Fast Divorce Solution

Collaborative divorce can be more affordable because it can result in a conclusion being reached more quickly due to the lack of “fighting” about various issues during the process. Most importantly, it gives you control over your divorce. A lot of conflict and hostility may be avoided. Your divorce attorney will be with you every step of the way so that civility can be maintained and a resolution reached that satisfies you and your spouse. If, for whatever reason, the parties decide to end the collaborative process, they can chose to conduct formal court proceedings against each other. At that point, it would be necessary for the collaborative attorneys to withdraw from representation. This is because the parties need to be assured that their attorneys are committed to the process as well and not secretly preparing the case for court. The collaborative approach is best for those partners who are committed to seeing the collaborative approach to the end.

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