Child Support

Coon Rapids Family Lawyer

There are many situations during which child support becomes an issue. You may have never married the father of your child and/or children and you need child support from the father in order to make ends meet. During divorce proceedings, your spouse may fight your request for child support that you are entitled to as a matter of law. It may be that you are the person who has to pay child support each month and no longer are able to pay the child support amount ordered by the court due to a change in your financial situation. Baskfield Law Office can help. Mary Baskfield is a skilled litigator and negotiator and she will help you resolve the issue while considering the best interests of your children and of your family.

Any time you are facing divorce or a post-decree matter, it is important to have an experienced family law attorney by your side every step of the way so that you can reach the best possible conclusion in the matter. Child support is about taking care of children financially. Child support includes basic support, medical care support and child care support. Be sure that you are caring for your children by making sure that they receive the child support that they are entitled to.

Aggressively Pursuing Results

Mary Baskfield has successfully argued motions concerning child support and child support modifications due to change in financial circumstances. If there has been a substantial change in a parent’s circumstances, you may be entitled to modification of the court-ordered child support amount. We can help you consider custody and parenting time and the effect they have on child support. It may be that your ex-spouse is not paying court-ordered child support and you need our firm to help you get him or her to pay the court-ordered child support. Sometimes, there is a valid reason that a parent is unable to pay child support. We can help you defend against a contempt action.

Skilled Representation in All Child Support Matters

There are so many child support issues that can come up either during the divorce process or after your divorce has been completed (post-decree). It is important to retain an attorney to guide you and ensure that each child receives the amount of child support that they deserve. To learn more, call 763-300-6054 for a free consultation.