Coon Rapids Family Lawyer

Adoption is a fantastic way to have the family that you always wanted and to give a child a good life. However, it is important to have an experienced family law lawyer working with you so that the process can move as smoothly as possible.

There are different types of adoptions, including open adoption, stepparent adoption, relative adoption, same-sex and second parent adoption. There are certain procedures that have to be followed based on the type of adoption that you are seeking to complete. Let us help you through the legal maze!

Overcoming The Complexities Of Adoption

There are a number of complex issues that can come about during the adoption process. There are many regulations that are in place. Your family law attorney will help you navigate those complexities so that your family can be together as soon as possible. Such issues that have to be faced include the Minnesota Fathers’ Adoption Registry and termination of parental rights proceedings.

Representation For Both Adoptive And Biological Parents

Both adoptive and birth parents may need legal counseling and representation during the adoption process. Minnesota does not allow attorneys to match potential adoptive parents with children. Only state-licensed agencies have this right. There are also very specific rules to each state that have to be followed. Your attorney will ensure that all rules are followed so that the process moves along as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Contact A Coon Rapids Family Law Lawyer

Adoption is stressful and exciting. You get to become the parent of an amazing child and that child receives an amazing parent. However, it is the process that can be daunting. Mary Baskfield is an experienced Andover attorney ready to help you take care of the legalities involved in adopting a child. Call today at 763-300-6054 for a free consultation.